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What Our Clients Are Saying

Jim Rizzo and his team have provided me and my company with superb tax, accounting and financial services for over 20 years. Jim not only has a rock solid understanding of the complexities of the US tax code, for individuals, families, and professional corporations, but he also stays on top of changes and will research unique tax questions.  When I spent two years working in China as a partner in an LLP, he continued to manage my multi-state and international tax issues.  His advice is practical and forward looking. Jim brings a wealth of understanding of the business world, finance, real estate and investment to his tax planning. Jim is a respectful but strong advocate for his clients before tax agencies. He has a track record of winning.   


In today's unpredictable tax environment, James V. Rizzo & Company offers disciplined, responsive, accurate and professional support along with much needed humor.


- Gordon B. Schatz, President, Schatz Reimbursement Strategies, LLC

James V. Rizzo & Company, LLP have been my accountants for over ten years. Not only are they professional, courteous, knowledgeable but also offer excellent business expertise with my small businesses. They were very helpful with my personal taxes and have come to rely on their suggestions without hesitation. They make me feel like I'm their only client, I am very happy and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a accounting firm who pays attention to detail and your individual needs.

- Andrew Bove

I have known Jim for over 30 years.  What has always set him apart from others is that “knows” taxes and understands complex business transactions.  He has an innate knowledge of taxes, it is a “part” of him.  And the corollary is that he has such an extensive business background, he is able to view complicated business matters and break them down to achieve the best results for his clients.


As examples, I have dealt with Jim with regard to complex Trust taxation issues, and his defense of a client against erroneous IRS positions in a tax audit in a very specialized area.  He does not “do” taxes, he “knows” taxes. When the tax lawyers said it “could not be done that way”, Jim reviewed the matter in detail, and found the key aspect of the Tax Code that demonstrated how it could be done to make it “work”.  And he was correct. When the IRS specialty auditors misapplied the Tax Code, Jim corrected them (as only he can) and then explained to them how his client was due additional refunds.  


If you need a “partner/advisor” to make your business more successful, or to advise you on personal business matters to achieve your goals and maximize your returns, there is no one other than Jim that I would recommend with absolutely no reservations. 

- Greg Zakarian, Partner, International CPA Firm 

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